(A Celebration of My Nephews and Nieces)

To My little nephews and nieces;
My younger “brothers” and “sisters”
Who came to fill a gap in my life.

We sit on the carpet
And watch Sesame Street
On the Black-and-White
Transistor-powered TV.

You were part of my childhood
Your parents pampered me
Baby of the large African family
To which I belong;
Now you too pamper me.

You don’t prevaricate
You don’t beat about the bush
Naturally down to earth
With unfeigned mirth.

Still remember
How you stare intently
At my face
Waiting for answers
To the questions you ask.

You wanted to know;
Innocently inquisitive,
You believed I had all the answers.

I remember your first words,
Now you teach me the youth language;
We “chat”,
We “ping”,
We’re “friends” on facebook;
You introduced me to the e-Mail
You told me about “whatsapp”
You encouraged me to achieve
Academic dreams.

To my big nephews and nieces
You’re my big “brothers” and “sisters”
You call me Small Uncle;
You tease me
About my first words,
Now I teach you the youth language
Learnt from my younger nephews and nieces!


Ah! Moonlight stories.

My eyes stare intently into your face
As I listen to tales
Of the pranks of Mr. Tortoise,
His wisdom turned into foolishness;

The strength and control of King Lion,
And his exploits make me tremble;

The stupidity of the elephant,
The would-be king of humans!

The craftiness of the snake,
I shiver as you tell me that its hiss
Is worse than its bite,

And I know for sure,
From the snake, I have to keep a distance;

I gape and tremble
As you tell me of your real-life encounters
With these animals!

The topping on the ice-cream.
That was!
Oh! How I lapped up every story!

I’m the Double Uncle
That bridges the gap
Between my younger and older
Nephews and nieces,
Who despite my short-comings
Still call me uncle!

Thank you.
Love you all.    


About Biodun3

Biodun Samuel Adepetu lives in Lagos, Nigeria with his wife and friend of over twelve years, his multi-cultural neighbours, and their innocent but exciting children, in a simple African neighbourhood with everyday sounds, sights, and smell. He too has had his share of Western education, first at the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), then at the University of Ado-Ekiti, both in Nigeria. He is also a professional member of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, and the Project Management Institute, Pennsylvania, USA. He loves reading, writing, music, travelling, and photography.
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